YouTube Marketing Opportunities; The Best For Small Businesses And Local Marketing


Youtube Marketing Opportunities- Start With Doing the Right Things Right

Case study video- retail theft Illinois

YouTube marketing opportunities is all about doing the right things right!

Right now I am working with a criminal attorney in Chicago.  He currently specializes in DUI but wants to grow his criminal law practice.  I saw YouTube marketing opportunities as the quickest path to get ranked on these keywords if done properly.

One of the keyword phrases we chose was: “retail theft Illinois”.  It was chose for the obvious reasons and for some that were not so obvious.  Since this isn’t about keyword research and development, I will keep to my storyline but provide the essentials that drove this keyword decision.  There are over 90 searches a month on this keyword and strength of competition was very favorable, meaning it was low.  With the background in place I can get back to the case study.

 In December 2013, I had a video created for this keyword.  The phrase was used in the title and description focused on that keyword as well.  Once the video was created here is what I did for my video marketing campaign:

  • Uploaded it to YouTube

  • Embedded it on my website

  • Submitted it to 40 sites with URL page rank of 9 or higher

  • Ran a video publishing campaign using an article submission software

This was back in December.  On January 1st 2014 retail theft Illinois was ranked number 2 on the very first page of YouTube for that keyword.  At the same time I ran an article campaign for the same keyword phrase.  On January 1, 2014 the keyword was already on the third page but that is a big difference from the first page like the video accomplished.

There are many marketing opportunities for local businesses as well as small businesses.  But when it comes to results and effectiveness, nothing works as well or accomplishes more than YouTube marketing opportunities.  The best of all: it’s FREE.

You can just run the video to get all the details such as:  title, the URL and the description to get all the details right there for you to see firsthand.

 Youtube marketing opportunities are the best of the best for getting more traffic.