Pricing for local maps marketing

Image for GIG 30-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee Let’s discuss pricing.  How I charge and what value you get for your money.  Our guarantee is right up front.  We will deliver more value for your money GUARANTEED.

First, if you are in a high-value niched, like a Medical Professional or Lawyer, please call me directly for an introductory review and price quote.  630-417-7213  Also, you can visit my high-valued niche page here or in navigation.

e-coaching image for local maps marketing orgI offer e-coaching sessions in several different blocks of time.  These blocks of time have been set up to coach you on any aspect of local internet marketing and local maps marketing using Google + and Google Business Listing.

Image for Local Maps Marketing Free Intro OfferSo, let’s start with the e-coaching intro offer.  This one is FREE!  I offer one per customer please.  This is a 15-20 minute block of time that is absolutely FREE!  Yep, that’s right FREE.  In this session I learn how I can help your local business and you can see if you like my approach.  I will also provide you 1 free follow up competitive report on your primary niche and the top 7 competitors in that niche from my local maps analyzer software.  You can learn more about that software here: local maps analyzer.

Email me to get your 1 time FREE coaching session NOW:

Local Maps Marketing E-CoachingIf you like what you hear and I am pretty sure you will, you can buy in for either a 30 minute session, or my 1 hour value session.  My 30 minute e-coaching session is $30.  You can buy it right online in my Paypal account.


 30 minute coaching session $30.

Image for Local Maps Marketing E-CoachingIf you are committed to building a comprehensive online presence than my 60 minute e-coaching session is the way to go and the best value priced at $50.

Either block of time will start you on the right track to developing a meaningful online presence that will let Google find you everywhere you exist online.  That also means your customers will find you everywhere as well, including the first page of Google Maps…and that is how you dominate your niche market.

 60 minute e-coaching session $50