portfolioBelow are several businesses I would like to showcase so you can review my online experience.  In some cases, I  started right at the beginning and some cases I connected with them well after they started their online business.  Contrasting these will give you a broader insight to the real realities of online marketing and my experience level.

I personally do all the internet marketing for each of these businesses.  I don’t source out any of the work and I do not use third party providers.  Most if not all of them have a very strong online presence.  Several of them even manage to dominate in their niche.

Image for local maps marketing org softwareOver the years I have accumulated a strategic set of high level internet performance tools and especially dedicated software programs that support the goals of my blueprint inteImage For Social Footprint Drives Local Internet Marketingrnet marketing strategy.  For example, I use these tools to speed up the performance of every aspect of my internet marketing performance, as well as to help me analyze the locLocal Maps Analyzer For Maps Marketingal market you compete in.


I can publish content effectively, ping and index pages quickly, including targeting and marketing videos that are keyword specific and that can rank on Google.  I can create citations that give you credibility and make you an authority site, and at the same time show you how to create an incredible social footprint quickly and affordably.  That is just a snap shot of some of things I do in my overall internet marketing strategy.

These tools work and are proven winners. They are meant to be shared and used to promote your business, to make them successful.

I have been through the Panda and Penguin updates and know too well the impact they have on companies marketing on the web.  All of my tools and practices are Google Proof, white hat and are governed by the best practices and ethics of Professional Internet Marketing (PIM) I subscribe too.

A Representative Sampling of Local Internet Customers

Dental Spa Manhattan imageThis logo is for a Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist.  In less than a couple of months, her Google + account has achieved Authorship ranking and indexes keywords within a couple of days from positing.

I started my internet marketing campaign in October 2013.  Since then, I have managed to get her indexed on 5 main category keywords.  Attention is now being focused on her Maps account and optimizing her website to the 5 categories we have set up in her business listing.

Here are the keywords for central park and manhattan:

  • cosmetic dentistry manhattan
  • professional teeth whitenting
  • invisalign manhattan

Mchenry Lawyers

This a header for McHenry County Criminal Lawyer.  In just a few short months his  Google + account reached Authorship.  It is ranking and indexes keywords within a couple of days from positing.

Internet marketing and local maps marketing started in Fall 2013.  Since then, I have managed to get this customer indexed on all his main category keywords.  Local maps marketing and seo marketing for his website is currently being developed.

Here are the keyword categories ranked for already.  Just Google them to see the results.

  • criminal defense lawyer
  • DUI lawyers
  • Criminal attorney
  • criminal law

Here are the 3 keywords for Chicago and McHenry County where we rank on first page or in the first spot:

  1. mchenry lawyers
  2. mchenry county lawyers
  3. mchenry county attorneys

Here is a snap shot of one of the keywords, see bottom listing.

first page mchenry county lawyer



Logo ADF Remodeling

ADF Remodeling is in the western suburbs of Chicago

I have only been working with Frank for a couple of week’s now.  I will update this site as we develop and accomplish some internet marketing tasks.  So far, Frank’s last email gave me a single word testimonial: “Impressive!”

Check out our status.  Here are the keywords we are going after:

  • wheaton handyman
  • remodeling Naperville
  • basement finishing dupage county

Representative Sampling of Local Internet Customers

Yum Drops Flavoring

Yum Drops Flavoring competes in the flavoring and health drink markets.  This 5 year old company has no boundaries domestically and sells in over 24 countries with over 200 Brand Affiliates.  You can find them ranking for highly competitive keywords such as flavor drops, flavored water, flavor concentrates, flavor additives, and alcohol flavoring just to mention the primary ones.


Local Maps is my new website and business model.  Why choose my website for the second example you ask?  Real simple.  Google Local + is fairly new to the internet community, and has been targeted as one of  the fastest and hottest growth areas for Google.  To help you keep things straight, sometimes they also refer to it as Google Business, local maps, local internet marketing, local seo, Google Places and Google Maps.  Whatever they call it in the future, it’s all about “local maps marketing”.  Which is where I got the name for the business.

Google + George NapoliOne of the components of Google Local + is Google +.   Google + is Google’s answer to the social media giant Facebook.  The image on the left is my personal Google +.  Keep your eyes open to how Google + and Google Maps which merged over 80,000,000 businesses to Google Local + are being tied together now.  You will be noticing images of people who have written content.  This is now what Google calls Authorship.  If you do everything right, they tag you as an authority in the eyes of Google…and that is big in the eyes of Google and for your keyword driven search results on the internet..

That’s why I chose to get trained and to focus in the Google’s Maps program when it comes to local businesses and online marketing.  I have both the skill sets and the performance tools to be effective in both internet marketing in general, as well as local maps marketing in particular.

Finally, you will also notice that my company is not a local business, so it cannot be marketed on Google Maps.  My company competes in a market with no boundaries.  That makes me an internet company.  This validates my ability to rank a company using effective internet marketing skills as well.

domain regMy domain is less than 60 days old, securing the domain in July 2013.  Please see validation image to the left.

Google Places and local maps are competitive words for one of the fastest growing platforms for Google.  In less than 60 days online and being Google Proof, you can actually check out the reality of my performance and ability to move the needle for this new website and business by checking my primary keywords and see where I rank:

  • local maps marketing
  • local seo
  • local maps
  • local internet marketing

Remember, this website was established in July 2013 and by mid September 2013, less then 60 days, I was fortunate to rank on the first page of Google for most of my category keywords.  I can do the exact same thing for you.

rhinestone header

Rhinestone Jewelry Site is a very interesting online e-commerce website.  First, it is in an extremely competitive industry.   Ranking on keywords in this industry does not happen overnight.  Here is a reality check.  Sometimes, it may never happen.  With the two new Marshall’s in town: Panda and Penguin, link building is too dangerous and spammy and internet marketers can no longer use aggressive tactics like they could use in the past.

While some SEO companies would never show you anything other than stellar performance examples, here is an example of a difficult situation we experienced in ranking for those competitive keywords and what I actually had to do to accomplish our goals.

Sometimes you have to move sideways before you can move forward.  In this case, their keyword was out of the park from a competitive perspective.  So, I had to  move them sideways with a new keyword I chose for them and that still reflected their core business.  I set up a website, then I bridged the gap betwdesigner headereen my keyword and my customers.

Designer Costume Jewelry now has 390 hits a month and in less than 3 months we were able to bridge the keyword to the original business.  With almost 400 new customers coming to their site a month, no one seems to care about the original keywords they have been trying to get ranked for over three years.

The following are few more micro sites that I have gotten to the first page.  They have stayed in this position with little to no effort since I seeded them properly when I first marketed them online.

plavix headerKeywords are Plavix, Plavix generic.  This mircro site generate AdSense Dollars every month.

diabetic header

This is a website I started internet marketing for about 60 days ago in a very competitive niche; diabetes.  Prior to that this site was not even on the radar screen (meaning not found in the first ten pages of Google for any of it’s keywords.  Now it has moved to the third and fourth pages of Google and we know we will rank on the first page with just a little more time, some more content publishing and indexing.

Image for Local maps new customer imageLet me showcase your local business here.   I am looking to showcase and add a  couple of local businesses to this portfolio.  For a recommendation and listing, I will give you an incredible value to get you on Google Maps.  Give me a call now at 630-417-7213 or email me at georgenapoli@gmail.com .   Hope you give me a try, your business will flourish if you do.