Niche Marketing For Online/Offline Businesses

Niche Marketing For Online/Offline Businesses

niche marketing image for local maps marketingNiche marketing for local businesses is all about segmenting a broader market into subsets.  Just like it use to be smart to be a generalist, today more than ever; specialization is the key to both short term and long term successes.  When it comes to the internet, niche marketing trumps and it’s all about driving traffic to your business.  A niche market is now the most prudent approach to marketing in 2014.

Niche Marketing-Redefined

Before we talk about how to market to a niche, let’s make sure we are all clear on exactly what it means, so another perspective of the same term seems to be in order.  Here is what Wikipedia says about it– A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing.

So, done correctly, here is what happens.  The market niche ends up defining the products features that are aimed at satisfying the niche it addresses.  It could include all, some or any of these components:

  • the price range
  • production
  • the description of the product
  • the name
  • the tag line
  • the
  • quality
  • and the demographics that it is intended to impact.

Watch this short video for more examples of niche marketing, provided by jeffschuman

I am going to give you an example of a niche market and hopefully it will shed more light on the subject, better yet, I hope it will inspire you to define your own niche market that you can profit from if you so choose.  The example I provide is built out into micro site where like minded people can read content that is relative to the subject they are interested in, since this is what brings them all together as like minded listeners.

Niche Marketing-Borderline Diabetic Diet

Let’s say you know that the diabetes health nice is in the top 5 most popular niches searched online.  Personally, you are a little overweight and you have been diagnosed as a borderline diabetic.  So you want to get your arms around a borderline diabetic diet.  Guess what; literally thousands of people want to do that.  So now we have a niche that you are interested in along with thousands of other people.

Niche Marketing-Satisfying The Entrepreneur In You

Now what?  You have always wanted your own blog or you may have wanted to market niche marketsomething online.  Well, for a few hundred bucks, you come to me and buy our Niche Express© product. We set up a turnkey micro site for you and peg your business name, domain and blog as: Borderline Diabetic Diet.   Using an exact match domain focuses and centers you in the niche.  We then proceed to SEO the blog and build it out for you. 

Niche Marketing- Monetization

What’s next?  Well, if you are an entrepreneur, you can monetize that site by finding products that appeal to this niche:

  • Books
  • Supplements
  • Distributorship

Or, you can go to Google and add a Google Adsense account.  This is when you see an add that says, “bad foods for diabetes, so you click on the add.  Guess what, the owner gets paid by Google.   I have dozens of sites for that purpose and they work just like that.  Here’s is an example of exactly what I mean:  Notice that if you Google generic advair, my site comes right to the number one position.

Finally you can add affiliate products that pay you commissions for each time you sell something.  For example, one of my diabetic sites has a link to the book: Eat to Live.  It is a great health book about the right types of foods to eat.  Whenever anyone clicks on the book cover and buys the book, I earn a fee from Amazon.

This strategy works very well if you are a local business.  I like to save the most important points for last and reward those readers that are interested in staying to the end of the article. Remember this key: if you are marketing locally, always use niche marketing and geo tags when defining your local niche market so customers know you are in their community.  Here is an example:  cosmetic dentist manhattan.  If you do and provide solid relevant content to your listeners, your niche market and business will prosper, flourish and grow.

Check out Niche Express©.  It is affordable and effective for businesses, medical practices and all high level niches that want to dominate their local market.