Local Maps SEO Is All About Generating Leads For Local Businesses

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Funny thing about Local Maps SEO, it’s really all about local businesses getting found on Google Places, also known as Google Maps, on the map and all those vaguely confusing names.  When it gets right down to the heart of the matter, local maps SSO is really all about a lead generating strategy.  You as the local business are looking for traffic and leads, but what you really want is the phone to ring, plain and simple.

After all, how do you measure traffic?  Who really cares if you get a hundred hits a month.  It means nothing if they don’t buy anything.  If you don’t get a chance to talk with the customer and you generate 0 dollars from a hit what is the real value of that?  The answer is 0.

Local maps seo- the heart of the matter

At the heart of the matter is this.  In most cases, it’s the number of customers calls you get from the call to action if you are local business such as a contractor or professional like a dentist.  You ask yourself, how many times did we make the phone ring today, this week, this month.  That is what’s really important and that is what you must measure as a local business.

The key local maps seo and our mutual success is this.  We must know the answer to those questions.  If we can’t track the leads you get, we have no way of knowing or no idea how our service is performing for the local business.  But when we tell you there were 3 calls you took yesterday from this number and 7 today, you know exactly what is going on and so do we.

Image for Local Maps SEOWhen it comes to conversion rates, you handle the calls directly and the conversion rates for turning that prospect into a customer is your responsibility and that is what you should want.  This approach makes everything completely seamless and everything completely accountable.

Local maps seo- the value of a lead

When it comes to local maps seo and the value of that lead, here is the best news.  Only you know the real value of a new customer better than anyone else.  For some professions it’s much higher than others.  For example, a dentist picks up a new customer and that could be thousands of dollars in revenue the very first year.  A plumber might only make $75 for a furnace cleaning from a new lead, but just maybe the next time that customer calls he orders an April Air of maybe her AC just burned out.

For determining the value of a lead consider this formula.  The value is the average amount a lead (e.g. web form completion, phone call, online purchase) is likely to generate in revenue.  While on a general level this is useful, the real value comes when lead value is identified for a specific lead source or marketing initiative such as local maps seo.  With a specific initiative, you can gain a much deeper understanding of what activities drive leads with the highest revenue potential. As a result, you can make more focused campaign decisions, such as allocating budgets towards activities that have the greatest impact on the bottom line.

Let us help you get to the first page of Google Places using high level performance tools for local maps seo strategies and techniques.

Remember, Local maps seo makes a local businesses phone ring, and that lets you talk with the customer to help you increase your conversion rate from just a lead to a paying customer.