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 Local Maps Analyzer

Our local maps marketing software can analyaze local keywords and city information so you can skyrocket your listings to the front page of Google

Our local maps analyzer provides all the data we need to do our competitive research automatically.  I can sit in your office or do it online with just a few key strokes and a few minutes to generate the report.

Local Maps Analyzer Gets You To Top Of Google FastI can tell you all about your online presence as well as your competition.  The report tells us  who has the authroity sites in your niche and what you may need to do to about it.  It will also provide us insight into the following areas as well:

  • How many citations everyone has
  • The number of Google reviews out their
  • All the 3rd party site summary for onpage as well as offpage optimization

Understanding this analysis tells us who has the authority sites, where everyone stands and what we need to do to get you to dominate that niche.

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That’s not all the information and analysis local maps analyzer does.  In fact, its just the beginning.

  • It provides 3rd party site details
  • Which keywords are being used in reviews
  • Whether keywords are being used in the business name
  • Number of videos or images
  • How many stars reported
  • Including, showing categories and how important the right words are

Google Plus Local ImageCheck out these additional functions.   In the report, the maps image URL is a clickable link and you can see them and find where they are in the city.  How many miles do their customers to have to actually drive to their destination.

Or, click on the business name and go right to site if you want to see it.

Digging in further, we save some of the most critical information and analysis for the end.  We also show you:

  • Backlinks
  • Page Rank
  • Even tracks their tags, gives you phone number and whether their name is claimed or not

Local SEO For MapsWhen it comes to local SEO for maps marketing , now we can compare your listing to everyone else in that niche and in that geo tag.


“With out locals maps analyzer, we can skyrocket your listings to the front page of Google.”

This analysis report is free.

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