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Local Internet Marketing- two customer examples for 2013

The images below are website headers for two customers that used my services and the proprietary software provided by Local Maps Marketing services last year.  In a 60 day period, I was able to move the needle significantly for both of these companies by getting them ranked in several of their primary keywords.  I mean, right at the top of Google.  I know I can do the same for you as well.    

Image for local maps customerheader mchenry websiteHigh Valued Niches

When it comes to local internet marketing for high valued niches- I GET IT!   My performance was way above standard in two of the most competitive and successful high niche markets in the world: Cosmetic Dentistry and Criminal Lawyers- 

Did you know your customers are looking for your products and services online every single day?   Typically, none of the local companies compete effectively online because their primary lead generation isn’t based on Google+ Local, or effective keyword development using micro sites to dominate niche markets.

In a recent Forrester research study, 4000 of the businesses surveyed, over 90% of them stated SEO (search engine optimization) was in their top three strategies for spurring growth and new business development in 2014.

Are you positioning yourself as a market leader?   I’m here to tell you we can help you dominate your niche market.  My practice is not to chase thousands of customers.  I selectively work with a handful of local businesses, as well as small number of high valued niches in the medical and professional communities.  Prospective customers just to mention a few:

  • Luxury Home Builders
  • High End Home Renovators
  • Legal and Medical Professionals
  • Wholesale and Specialty Food Suppliers
  • Small Local Businesses as well

I don’t chase your competition and like I said, I don’t chase hundreds of customers to work with.  I am a small online local internet marketing specialty boutique.  I only work with clients that have reasonable expectations, want to grow their local business into something meaningful and know the value of a mutually rewarding relationship.  I can then spend the rest of my time coaching in some cases (pro bono) small businesses in local communities to help them grow their businesses as well.

In today’s competitive environment, companies don’t pay to just get their business  ranked or for online  traffic.  They pay for hot qualified leads that make their phones ring for your products and services.

In some cases, we use a tracking phone number to validate and measure the results of our efforts.  “We can’t manage what we can’t measure.”  For example, we know a specific business got 13 calls in 7 days.  We know another that got 8 in a month and that was big money for this high valued niche.

The key question you have to answer is: how much are new customers worth to your business in real dollars?  If I can bring in 3, 6, 12 new customers a month, how much is that worth to your business?  For a small monthly marketing investment, and affordable monthly retainer I can also generate these kind of results for you and your business.  Truth is, your customers are looking for you online and if they can’t find you, they will find your competitors”.

My skills are focused on local internet marketing and developing micro sites that are keyword targeted and specific to your local niche.  My specialty software sets us apart from all the other local SEO and SEM experts.  My keyword software, as well as my  Local Local Maps Analyzer Gets You To Top Of Google FastMaps Analyzer software gives me a real competitive edge.  Learn more about it by clicking on local maps analyzer in the navigation window at top of screen or click on our link above image to go there now.

The GOAL for local internet marketing to our high niche market customers is to deliver the three things that all of our customers want:

  1. Get them new patients or customers
  2. Give them a simple way to measure success
  3. Make them considerably more money then they spend

Local customers use Google more than anything else when they want to find a professional or medical practitioner.   Both male and female rely on Google for their preliminary research to find local professionals.

Local Internet Marketing- keywords

Keyword Focus Drives Local Maps MarketingKeywords and phrases drive success.

I can pick any profession or high valued niche.  It works for all of them.  For this example, I will choose customers looking for plastic surgery.  Showing we understand such a specialty niche like this shows we get it when it comes to sophisticated medical practices and business professionals.

For cosmetic surgery for example, consumers typically search these keyword terms and phrases on Google:

  • Cosmetic Surgeons
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Plastic Surgery Clinics
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Nose Reshaping
  • Body Contouring For Men

Your future patients look to Google for help to find you.  Most times they include geo tags like Chicago, or town specific tags like Wheaton.  If your plastic surgery center is not found when searching these terms, then you are invisible to your prospective customer in your local market.

Local Maps Marketing Search MapsRadiusThis is Google Places.  It is the number 1 area on the internet to generate real patient leads for your local business.  Prospective customers or patients are looking for you all day, every day.  If you can’t be found by searching your keywords in your local market…you’ll get the same results…No leads.

We understand the unique value your business or practice provides its clients.  We know how to get these prospects to find you and not a competitor.

Local Internet Marketing- what we do

What we do is not magic.   It’s just consistent work along several key areas:

  • Your website
  • Google Places
  • 3rd Party Directories
  • Customer Reviews
  • Links To Your Website

“While being number 1 is great, being found everywhere is inherently better.”

Our goal is simple. It’s for your business to be found online easily, and wherever your patients or clients are looking on Google.

Question MarkYou may be asking yourself,  can I just do this work myself?   Well, the typical answer to this questions is:  yes you could.  It would only require a full time marketing person on staff, with some focused training on local internet marketing.  The reality is, it is very difficult  to market online through search engines.

Success with Google search and Google Places is extremely difficult and requires a specialized skill set, especially for your high valued niche.

Our goal is to be there for you, to handle all aspects of the local internet marketing efforts.  We want to be there for you and help your business or practice build a real presence online. The end goal is not going to happen overnight, however, you will see real results right away as you see your overall online presence grow.

We want to provide you a free analysis of where your business or medical/dental practice falls  online.  We will show you how you fair in certain key areas we mentioned earlier that drive your practice.  At the same time, we will show you how the top competitors in your market fair for the exact same words.  Knowing where the competition is in the market helps us dominate that niche market for you.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team.

Contact me today 630-417-7213 or email me at georgenapoli@gmail.com

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