Local Search Engine Marketing: Smart Keys To Using Domain Names, File Names and Extensions


Local Search Engine Marketing: starting at the beginning

image for domain namesWhen it comes to local search engine marketing, your domain name, the URLs of your pages and your title tag are some of the influential factors for your local search engine rankings. Once you understand how these work together, you can have a real advantage over your competitors in a race towards the top search engine rankings, for your keywords.

Local Search Engine Marketing; going back before we go forward

Once upon a time, (SOP) standard operating procedure in the internet world that the overuse (stuffing) of keywords led to top Google ranks. This is no longer the case.  Search engines now take many other factors into account when ranking Web pages for online marketing for local businesses. That is why (EMD) exact match domains or having your keyword in your domain name and page URLs will be a good bonus, though not a decisive factor in local search engine rankings.

image for a file nameHere is an example of what I mean.  The domain http://www.golf-online.com will generally get ranked higher than http://www.your company name.com.  That is, assuming that they had identical keywords and page content.  Thus, the conclusion is that you should try to use a domain name which contains your keywords (those you’ve found during your preliminary research).

Local Search Engine Marketing: URL points to ponder

Use keywords in the URLs of your new pages, e.g. http://www.yourcompanyname.com/golf lessons and -services.html. Remember, search engines rank pages, not sites.  If you already have a fairly large website, you might start looking for a solution to rename all your pages and keep the link structure working. Adobe Dreamweaver (created by Macromedia) offers a solution with its “Change links site wide” feature. Web CEO’s built-in HTML Editor also has a Find-and-Replace function which you may apply for multiple pages of your site to rebuild the links.

Local Search Engine Marketing: Using keyword separators like hyphens

Search engines can separate keywords from one another if they are written together in one word, but no one can guarantee they will do it correctly. So a domain name like freepianmusic.com may work. However, if you have hyphens in your domain name (free-piano- music.com) will be easier for a human to read and recognize the keywords in a domain plus people will most probably repeat it in the anchor text of the backlinks to your pages.   When creating URLs with a phrase, you may use a hyphen (-) which is recognized by all search engines, e.g. free-piano-music.com.

So if you’re a small business marketing online, use these domain and URL strategies to out trump the competition and get ahead them in the local maps marketing ranking  game.  Hope this helps.

SEO Search Engine Optimization- A Best Practice To Online Page Rank


 SEO Search Engine Optimizationseo site mapSEO Search Engine Optimization-from the beginning

Sitemaps for seo and search engine optimization in the past have been ignored by most webmasters.   Their targeted value in seo and search engine optimization was grossly underestimated, especially for search engines as well as visitors.  Not anymore.  Today sitemaps are the number one “must have” strategy for successful online marketing.

Let’s start with a simple question.  What exactly is a sitemap? A sitemap contain a list of pages and links to all the other documents on your site. Theoretically, it’s designed to give your visitors a quick way to find what they are looking for on your site without browsing the entire content.   But it is more helpful as an seo tool than for your visitors or customers.

Seo search engine optimization- growing in value

In the last few years, sitemaps have gained major importance as an SEO factor.  Specifically because  they direct the search engine spiders to all of your content-rich pages. This is especially true for large sites, where a number of clicks are needed to get to specific pages through the numerous sections and subsections.  More if you can get the sitemap index, ultimately every page on your site gets indexed as well.

This is even more important as your website grows.  With lots of pages and a deep link structure, the spiders or crawlers as they are also called, would need to work hard to find all of your pages. When you give them one single page that maps all the necessary content, you make their job easier and ensure that nothing gets missed.

Seo search engine optimization- the real benefit

Here is the real benefit to SEO I saved til the end.  It gives you a way to spread Google’s page rank the pages that need it and distribute it among these pages.   Typically home pages are the only pages indexed.  Remember this critical point.  Google does not page rank websites, it page ranks pages, period.

A sitemap helps you to not have to link every page from home page to get found by the spiders.

When it comes to getting an seo search engine optimization sitemap, you can just Google sitemap templates or even use plugins for your WordPress themes.

Maximizing Local SEO With Reputation Marketing

Image for Local SEOLocal SEO for local businesses

Local SEO is a specific type of online marketing that increases traffic and visibility for local businesses interested in ranking for geographically-related keywords. Whether you call it local SEO, local marketing, local maps marketing or Google Places, its’ all about local businesses and the keywords they want to rank for.

When it comes to Local SEO reputation marketing is right on target.

Anyone looking for a local business wants to see a customer review, what another customer experienced when they used that business for whatever services they offered.  Truth is, they actually want to see at least 6 reviews in total.

When it comes to your reputation, here is how consumers measure reviews.Local SEO reviews

 Local SEO and the types of reputations a company can have:

  1. No reputation
  2. Bad reputation
  3. Good reputation
  4. 5 star reputation

Reputations come in four different types ranging from none to the best.  The closer you get to the best reputation, the more your phone will ring, plain and simple.

Local SEO and a strategy for Reputation Marketing

Local SEO reputation strategy

There is a big difference between reputation marketing and reputation management.   Reputation marketing is forward thinking and visionary, casting a compelling view of what you want your local SEO and online presence to actually be.  Management is passive and looks for defensive ways to respond to a situation.  Reputation marketing is the best way to get your customers to like you, call you and to buy from you. Reputation Report

First things first.  From the report we generate for you showing the status of your reputation, we will develop a blueprint that will get you to the top of Google Places so you can dominate your niches.

We will develop a compImage for Reputation Marekting Reportrehensive strategy so that Google will find you everywhere online.  That will ensure your customers will find you everywhere on Google…and that will drive traffic to your website and traffic is what everyone online wants.

When it comes to Local SEO and generating traffic, leads and sales for your local business, we will show you how to develop a comprehensive online presence connecting the following strategies:

  • Local maps marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Website marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Google +
  • Video marketing
  • Content publishing

Call us today 630-417-7213 to learn how to maximize your local SEO and market that reputation to prospective customers looking to either buy from you or your competitors.