Local Search Engine Marketing: Smart Keys To Using Domain Names, File Names and Extensions


Local Search Engine Marketing: starting at the beginning

image for domain namesWhen it comes to local search engine marketing, your domain name, the URLs of your pages and your title tag are some of the influential factors for your local search engine rankings. Once you understand how these work together, you can have a real advantage over your competitors in a race towards the top search engine rankings, for your keywords.

Local Search Engine Marketing; going back before we go forward

Once upon a time, (SOP) standard operating procedure in the internet world that the overuse (stuffing) of keywords led to top Google ranks. This is no longer the case.  Search engines now take many other factors into account when ranking Web pages for online marketing for local businesses. That is why (EMD) exact match domains or having your keyword in your domain name and page URLs will be a good bonus, though not a decisive factor in local search engine rankings.

image for a file nameHere is an example of what I mean.  The domain http://www.golf-online.com will generally get ranked higher than http://www.your company name.com.  That is, assuming that they had identical keywords and page content.  Thus, the conclusion is that you should try to use a domain name which contains your keywords (those you’ve found during your preliminary research).

Local Search Engine Marketing: URL points to ponder

Use keywords in the URLs of your new pages, e.g. http://www.yourcompanyname.com/golf lessons and -services.html. Remember, search engines rank pages, not sites.  If you already have a fairly large website, you might start looking for a solution to rename all your pages and keep the link structure working. Adobe Dreamweaver (created by Macromedia) offers a solution with its “Change links site wide” feature. Web CEO’s built-in HTML Editor also has a Find-and-Replace function which you may apply for multiple pages of your site to rebuild the links.

Local Search Engine Marketing: Using keyword separators like hyphens

Search engines can separate keywords from one another if they are written together in one word, but no one can guarantee they will do it correctly. So a domain name like freepianmusic.com may work. However, if you have hyphens in your domain name (free-piano- music.com) will be easier for a human to read and recognize the keywords in a domain plus people will most probably repeat it in the anchor text of the backlinks to your pages.   When creating URLs with a phrase, you may use a hyphen (-) which is recognized by all search engines, e.g. free-piano-music.com.

So if you’re a small business marketing online, use these domain and URL strategies to out trump the competition and get ahead them in the local maps marketing ranking  game.  Hope this helps.

Local Advertising Using Google Coupons Means Top Page Ranking

Local advertising | did you know

Google-Places-Offers-Print-Mobile3-300x189When was the last time you let your fingers do the walking in the yellow pages?

When it comes to local advertising, the yellow pages are virtually dead.  But local advertising online using Google Places and Google Coupons are the future and they are in  real time.  What is Google Coupons you ask?  Read the rest to learn more now.

Did you know that you can create a keyword oriented Google coupon offer for potential customers who visit your business listing pages?  Know what that does?  Two things.  First, it gives your customers a chance, a reason to buy now with a special offer and second, Google gives you credit for using promotion coupons by letting you use the keywords you are trying to rank for in your description.

Local advertising- using coupon

Coupon offers are a great way to attract new and existing customer traffic.  And traffic leads to phone calls and those lead to sales.  Coupons are also a great way to sell inventory without the expense of running ads. Being in a weak economy, we all rely on coupons to help with our purchases and the services we need to have.  Personally, I don’t leave the house without my coupons. I search the internet for the best deals, print out my finds and bring my iPhone along for mobile offers.

Local advertising- you get it now

Image for Google coupon redemption for local advertisingGoogle Places allows you to not only create a coupon offer for a special discount or deal; it lets you drive keyword terms using that coupon with the keywords your customers are actually searching for in real time.  Get it.  I need a vintage rhinestone for my wife’s birthday.  What do I do?  I go online, search vintage rhinestone jewelry coupons and guess what comes up?  Hopefully I find your local jewelry business and buy from you and not your competitor.

The key to successful local advertising is being found everywhere online. It’s no longer key to just get to the top, you have to be found everywhere.  You make it easy for Google to find you and Google makes even easier for your customers to find you also.

Use local advertising will bring and Google coupons to dominate your niche.