Local Search Engine Marketing: Smart Keys To Using Domain Names, File Names and Extensions


Local Search Engine Marketing: starting at the beginning

image for domain namesWhen it comes to local search engine marketing, your domain name, the URLs of your pages and your title tag are some of the influential factors for your local search engine rankings. Once you understand how these work together, you can have a real advantage over your competitors in a race towards the top search engine rankings, for your keywords.

Local Search Engine Marketing; going back before we go forward

Once upon a time, (SOP) standard operating procedure in the internet world that the overuse (stuffing) of keywords led to top Google ranks. This is no longer the case.  Search engines now take many other factors into account when ranking Web pages for online marketing for local businesses. That is why (EMD) exact match domains or having your keyword in your domain name and page URLs will be a good bonus, though not a decisive factor in local search engine rankings.

image for a file nameHere is an example of what I mean.  The domain http://www.golf-online.com will generally get ranked higher than http://www.your company name.com.  That is, assuming that they had identical keywords and page content.  Thus, the conclusion is that you should try to use a domain name which contains your keywords (those you’ve found during your preliminary research).

Local Search Engine Marketing: URL points to ponder

Use keywords in the URLs of your new pages, e.g. http://www.yourcompanyname.com/golf lessons and -services.html. Remember, search engines rank pages, not sites.  If you already have a fairly large website, you might start looking for a solution to rename all your pages and keep the link structure working. Adobe Dreamweaver (created by Macromedia) offers a solution with its “Change links site wide” feature. Web CEO’s built-in HTML Editor also has a Find-and-Replace function which you may apply for multiple pages of your site to rebuild the links.

Local Search Engine Marketing: Using keyword separators like hyphens

Search engines can separate keywords from one another if they are written together in one word, but no one can guarantee they will do it correctly. So a domain name like freepianmusic.com may work. However, if you have hyphens in your domain name (free-piano- music.com) will be easier for a human to read and recognize the keywords in a domain plus people will most probably repeat it in the anchor text of the backlinks to your pages.   When creating URLs with a phrase, you may use a hyphen (-) which is recognized by all search engines, e.g. free-piano-music.com.

So if you’re a small business marketing online, use these domain and URL strategies to out trump the competition and get ahead them in the local maps marketing ranking  game.  Hope this helps.

Local Internet Marketing Update- Penguin 3.0 How To Keep Your Blog Penguin Proof

Image for Penguin 3.0 updateLocal Internet Marketing-looking back

Let’s look back a little before we look at the current 3.0 update.  Since there is a lot of information out there, I think we are better off dusting off our blog strategies and refocusing our efforts again on what worked in the past and ensuring it will work for you through the next several Penguin updates.

My last post was dated June 2014.  Why is that important you ask?  It has been almost six months since I have added any posts to my blog.  By now I’m sure my active readers are wondering where I’ve been and why am I writing now since it’s been so long.  Local internet marketing certainly should be more frequent and consistent than this,

Local Internet Marketing-a case study in the making

One of the biggest things about Penguin updates is to look at certain bench marks to determine f the website if legitimate.  All the strategies we have discussed worked very well to go through an update and not get penalize for not having current posts for that length of time.  More on this later.

First, the reason why it’s been so long since I wrote my last post online is to see how long it would take to lose my position on several key words.  Actually I got my answer about two weeks ago.  First, I had noticed a drop in calls.  When that happened, I started to check out the status as to where I was on several of my key words.  So while I wasn’t penalized for not having current posts, I was penalized in ranking by Google.  Not necessarily because I hadn’t posted in so long, but because outer internet marketers were active marketing their sites.  Truth is I actually held my position until a couple of weeks ago on one of my major keyword phrases: local internet marketing.

The good news is, if you do things right when you write a post, you do not have to market content  as often as you think.  Typically guru’s say you should be posting at least several times a week.  I say if you do the right things right, you could certainly skipped a couple of posts and not get knocked around by your competitors.  Look, everyone has busy lives and priorities and sometimes the creative juices just won’t let you write weekly posts, and time limitations prevail.

Local Internet Marketing-always do the right things right

Now that we just went through another Penguin update, it’s time to focus on doing the right things right again.  I urge to read through past posts for keys and effective strategies.  For now, let’s focus on one thing I think stands out.  Creating anchor type texts at least monthly is paramount.  I know everyone says 4-500 words makes for a great post.  I bet if I count posts, the average post is exactly 475 to 510 words.  This is where you need to be careful.  People don’t write this way.  Length should very and be more natural looking.  This is the kind of thing that could get you in trouble on the next Penguin update coming down the road.

image for anchor postSo now let’s take a more inside look at keeping your posts “Pengin Proof”.  Two things you need to do.  The first is to write what I call Anchor Posts.  I don’t use the term anchor post as most bloggers do.  I mean writing a post, over 750-800 words once a month.  A post that has some meaning and real value for your customers.  If you write it write, sure, it will turn into the typical anchor post that gets back links etc, but that is not the purpose. 

Anchor text…to learn more click this link to my post dated 2/15/2012:  http://learnnewskillsblog.com/learn-new-skills-anchor-posts-for-blogs/  Read this post to learn all about what I mean for anchor posts.  I’m only going to give you a snippit now, so I don’t get hit for duplicate content.  I will also preface it by saying, a special thanks to Learn New Skills Blog for sharing this simple insight. Giving credit where credit is due, even though I own that site.

Here is a snippit on the term anchor posts:

“The posts I provide are usually for high level skills or complicated subjects.  They require background and depth of information to provide the complete picture and storyline. In blogging we call these posts “anchor posts.”  They are typically more than 700 words and deliver both great content with a solid teachable moment.  If you have your own blog, you should write at least one anchor post a month.  The search engines really love anchor posts and so will your readers.

“When you search online for any subject, what you typically find are snippets of information, redirects to other sites, references to books on the subject.  If you are lucky, maybe  you find a couple of sites that deliver some basic information. “  Studies show that a typical search can take you 20-30 minutes, some up to 3 hours, and usually what you are looking for isn’t found until around the 36th website or blog from the top of the list.   That is 2 pages away from the first page a search engine delivers…WHAT I ask?

When you get to my blog, you can be assured you will find the message and the content delivered in full. Some people don’t consider the time of the search in comparison to spending 10 minutes reading about what they look for.”  Point is most sites provide no value at all.  And that is where you run into trouble with Penguin 3.0 or any other update for that matter.

So let’s close this post with a short summary and caveat.  When it comes to local internet marketing, or any kind of online marketing efforts, always provide content that has real meaning and value and at least one anchor post a month what goes way beyond  normal posts.  Give examples, give insight, give the reader the WOW factor and let them be glad they found you and wiaitng to come back for more.

In closing, if you follow my plan, my strategies and my specific steps for internet marketing to local businesses, you will in fact be Panda Proof and Panda updates will mean little to you because you will live by Google’s Rules for sound internet marketing by doing the right things right.


Google Search- Getting Found Online When Your Customers Search Google


image for google search image local internet marketingGoogle Search-

Getting Found Online When Your Customers Search Google

Here are a couple of Google search marketing case study examples:

  1. I own a fishing charter in Ft Myers Florida.  When I sit down with my laptop I type in my website: Fishingwithbob.com and my website comes right up.  Yet, it never delivers any new customers.  Why is that?
  2. I’m an upscale home builder in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.  When I search online, my website Ganderconstruction.net is right at the top of the page.  But, no one ever tells me they found me online.  Why not I ask myself.

Google Search- the story line

By now you know the storyline.  Few if any websites are producing leads or sales, yet every business seems to have a first class website.  What’s going on and why are my customers seemingly able to find my competition but not me?  So why even bother, when everything I have ever done, or all the money I spent produces no payback?

First, it’s important to understand that your website also serves as a static virtual resume.  So, all your efforts have not been wasted.  That means you want to make sure that your website is neatly done, since it is a reflection on you and the image you intend to convey. 

Now back to the burning question everyone seems to have.  With all the hype and traffic online, why can’t customers find you?  When all the dust clears, the simple truth is, unless your customers know you and your business name, they will not know to search for the exact name of your business.  That means fishingwithbob.com is not something people sit down and search for unless they know the name.

So the next question is where do I turn for the latest and most current information when it comes to getting found online.  The answer is right here. 

There are two basic keys at being getting found online.  They are:

  1. relevancy
  2. keyword phrases

First, it’s important to understand relevancy, because that is how Google determines which web sites to bring up when a keyword is searched.

Second, it’s important to know what the key components to a successful keyword phrase are.

Let’s begin with relevance:

Relevance is how closely the elements of your internet marketing campaign match what a person seems to be looking for.

  • Your ads and keywords should directly relate to the content on your website, especially the ad’s landing page if you promote your site. When people see your ad, or find your website they should be able to understand what kind of product, service, or other content they’ll find on your site.
  • To encourage you to create relevant internet marketing ads or campaigns that accurately represent your products or services based on relevance.  If done correctly, , then the highly relevant ad, keyword list, and landing page is generally rewarded with a higher position on the page for potentially less money.
  • Relevance is part of your Quality Score, a formula that Google uses to measure how useful your ad, keyword, and website are to a customer. Relevant ads tend to get higher Quality Scores

Finally there are three key Components to a keyword phrase.  The keyword phrase you choose has to pass the litmus test, having these three elements.

  1. Search volume high enough to sustain your business goals
  2. Competition strong enough that there are current ads running under the phrase
  3. (SOC) strength of competition is low enough in certain areas that gives you an opportunity to reach the first page of your keyword phrase

To get started on the right foot, go to Google and search a term or phrase your customers might think of when they think of your business.  For example, let’s use the phrase local internet marketing.  This is a keyword phrase that is relevant to my business.

When you enter the phrase, Google brings up all the sites that content relevant to this phrase.  You can actually see my site at the top of this page image, so I must know what I am doing huh!!!  But more importantly, if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will notice suggestions Google provides for keywords that are relevant to this search phrase.  Do you know what means?  Now you have a short list of keywords that make up the keyword theme for that phrase.

What you should not do is start to create new posts or pages with these phrases in the title.  If you do this constantly, Google will see you as an authority for your term since your content uses the same keywords Google sees as relevant.

That is a huge tip friends.  Your website should be filled with pages that use your keyword phrase and all relevant keywords Google brings up as well.

Call me 630-417-7213 or visit my site to learn more.  I can also do all the technical stuff for you and you keep working with customers and sales.  Let me help you generate new traffic and get found online.

Niche Marketing For Online/Offline Businesses

Niche Marketing For Online/Offline Businesses

niche marketing image for local maps marketingNiche marketing for local businesses is all about segmenting a broader market into subsets.  Just like it use to be smart to be a generalist, today more than ever; specialization is the key to both short term and long term successes.  When it comes to the internet, niche marketing trumps and it’s all about driving traffic to your business.  A niche market is now the most prudent approach to marketing in 2014.

Niche Marketing-Redefined

Before we talk about how to market to a niche, let’s make sure we are all clear on exactly what it means, so another perspective of the same term seems to be in order.  Here is what Wikipedia says about it– A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing.

So, done correctly, here is what happens.  The market niche ends up defining the products features that are aimed at satisfying the niche it addresses.  It could include all, some or any of these components:

  • the price range
  • production
  • the description of the product
  • the name
  • the tag line
  • the
  • quality
  • and the demographics that it is intended to impact.

Watch this short video for more examples of niche marketing, provided by jeffschuman

I am going to give you an example of a niche market and hopefully it will shed more light on the subject, better yet, I hope it will inspire you to define your own niche market that you can profit from if you so choose.  The example I provide is built out into micro site where like minded people can read content that is relative to the subject they are interested in, since this is what brings them all together as like minded listeners.

Niche Marketing-Borderline Diabetic Diet

Let’s say you know that the diabetes health nice is in the top 5 most popular niches searched online.  Personally, you are a little overweight and you have been diagnosed as a borderline diabetic.  So you want to get your arms around a borderline diabetic diet.  Guess what; literally thousands of people want to do that.  So now we have a niche that you are interested in along with thousands of other people.

Niche Marketing-Satisfying The Entrepreneur In You

Now what?  You have always wanted your own blog or you may have wanted to market niche marketsomething online.  Well, for a few hundred bucks, you come to me and buy our Niche Express© product. We set up a turnkey micro site for you and peg your business name, domain and blog as: Borderline Diabetic Diet.   Using an exact match domain focuses and centers you in the niche.  We then proceed to SEO the blog and build it out for you. 

Niche Marketing- Monetization

What’s next?  Well, if you are an entrepreneur, you can monetize that site by finding products that appeal to this niche:

  • Books
  • Supplements
  • Distributorship

Or, you can go to Google and add a Google Adsense account.  This is when you see an add that says, “bad foods for diabetes, so you click on the add.  Guess what, the owner gets paid by Google.   I have dozens of sites for that purpose and they work just like that.  Here’s is an example of exactly what I mean: www.genericadvair.net.  Notice that if you Google generic advair, my site comes right to the number one position.

Finally you can add affiliate products that pay you commissions for each time you sell something.  For example, one of my diabetic sites has a link to the book: Eat to Live.  It is a great health book about the right types of foods to eat.  Whenever anyone clicks on the book cover and buys the book, I earn a fee from Amazon.

This strategy works very well if you are a local business.  I like to save the most important points for last and reward those readers that are interested in staying to the end of the article. Remember this key: if you are marketing locally, always use niche marketing and geo tags when defining your local niche market so customers know you are in their community.  Here is an example:  cosmetic dentist manhattan.  If you do and provide solid relevant content to your listeners, your niche market and business will prosper, flourish and grow.

Check out Niche Express©.  It is affordable and effective for businesses, medical practices and all high level niches that want to dominate their local market.

YouTube Marketing Opportunities; The Best For Small Businesses And Local Marketing


Youtube Marketing Opportunities- Start With Doing the Right Things Right

Case study video- retail theft Illinois

YouTube marketing opportunities is all about doing the right things right!

Right now I am working with a criminal attorney in Chicago.  He currently specializes in DUI but wants to grow his criminal law practice.  I saw YouTube marketing opportunities as the quickest path to get ranked on these keywords if done properly.

One of the keyword phrases we chose was: “retail theft Illinois”.  It was chose for the obvious reasons and for some that were not so obvious.  Since this isn’t about keyword research and development, I will keep to my storyline but provide the essentials that drove this keyword decision.  There are over 90 searches a month on this keyword and strength of competition was very favorable, meaning it was low.  With the background in place I can get back to the case study.

 In December 2013, I had a video created for this keyword.  The phrase was used in the title and description focused on that keyword as well.  Once the video was created here is what I did for my video marketing campaign:

  • Uploaded it to YouTube

  • Embedded it on my website

  • Submitted it to 40 sites with URL page rank of 9 or higher

  • Ran a video publishing campaign using an article submission software

This was back in December.  On January 1st 2014 retail theft Illinois was ranked number 2 on the very first page of YouTube for that keyword.  At the same time I ran an article campaign for the same keyword phrase.  On January 1, 2014 the keyword was already on the third page but that is a big difference from the first page like the video accomplished.

There are many marketing opportunities for local businesses as well as small businesses.  But when it comes to results and effectiveness, nothing works as well or accomplishes more than YouTube marketing opportunities.  The best of all: it’s FREE.

You can just run the video to get all the details such as:  title, the URL and the description to get all the details right there for you to see firsthand.

 Youtube marketing opportunities are the best of the best for getting more traffic.

SEO Search Engine Optimization- A Best Practice To Online Page Rank


 SEO Search Engine Optimizationseo site mapSEO Search Engine Optimization-from the beginning

Sitemaps for seo and search engine optimization in the past have been ignored by most webmasters.   Their targeted value in seo and search engine optimization was grossly underestimated, especially for search engines as well as visitors.  Not anymore.  Today sitemaps are the number one “must have” strategy for successful online marketing.

Let’s start with a simple question.  What exactly is a sitemap? A sitemap contain a list of pages and links to all the other documents on your site. Theoretically, it’s designed to give your visitors a quick way to find what they are looking for on your site without browsing the entire content.   But it is more helpful as an seo tool than for your visitors or customers.

Seo search engine optimization- growing in value

In the last few years, sitemaps have gained major importance as an SEO factor.  Specifically because  they direct the search engine spiders to all of your content-rich pages. This is especially true for large sites, where a number of clicks are needed to get to specific pages through the numerous sections and subsections.  More if you can get the sitemap index, ultimately every page on your site gets indexed as well.

This is even more important as your website grows.  With lots of pages and a deep link structure, the spiders or crawlers as they are also called, would need to work hard to find all of your pages. When you give them one single page that maps all the necessary content, you make their job easier and ensure that nothing gets missed.

Seo search engine optimization- the real benefit

Here is the real benefit to SEO I saved til the end.  It gives you a way to spread Google’s page rank the pages that need it and distribute it among these pages.   Typically home pages are the only pages indexed.  Remember this critical point.  Google does not page rank websites, it page ranks pages, period.

A sitemap helps you to not have to link every page from home page to get found by the spiders.

When it comes to getting an seo search engine optimization sitemap, you can just Google sitemap templates or even use plugins for your WordPress themes.

Local Advertising Using Google Coupons Means Top Page Ranking

Local advertising | did you know

Google-Places-Offers-Print-Mobile3-300x189When was the last time you let your fingers do the walking in the yellow pages?

When it comes to local advertising, the yellow pages are virtually dead.  But local advertising online using Google Places and Google Coupons are the future and they are in  real time.  What is Google Coupons you ask?  Read the rest to learn more now.

Did you know that you can create a keyword oriented Google coupon offer for potential customers who visit your business listing pages?  Know what that does?  Two things.  First, it gives your customers a chance, a reason to buy now with a special offer and second, Google gives you credit for using promotion coupons by letting you use the keywords you are trying to rank for in your description.

Local advertising- using coupon

Coupon offers are a great way to attract new and existing customer traffic.  And traffic leads to phone calls and those lead to sales.  Coupons are also a great way to sell inventory without the expense of running ads. Being in a weak economy, we all rely on coupons to help with our purchases and the services we need to have.  Personally, I don’t leave the house without my coupons. I search the internet for the best deals, print out my finds and bring my iPhone along for mobile offers.

Local advertising- you get it now

Image for Google coupon redemption for local advertisingGoogle Places allows you to not only create a coupon offer for a special discount or deal; it lets you drive keyword terms using that coupon with the keywords your customers are actually searching for in real time.  Get it.  I need a vintage rhinestone for my wife’s birthday.  What do I do?  I go online, search vintage rhinestone jewelry coupons and guess what comes up?  Hopefully I find your local jewelry business and buy from you and not your competitor.

The key to successful local advertising is being found everywhere online. It’s no longer key to just get to the top, you have to be found everywhere.  You make it easy for Google to find you and Google makes even easier for your customers to find you also.

Use local advertising will bring and Google coupons to dominate your niche.


Making Local Internet Marketing A Must Have For Your Local Business

 Local Internet Marketing | A Must Have

Image for local internet marketingLocal internet marketing has arrived with gusto.  It seemed easier in the good old days when all you had to do is open up your yellow page directory and every local business was right there for you to pick from.

While the internet in general continues to grow fast as more people are getting online, local internet marketing is the next wave of traffic and excitement for local businesses.  Read more to determine how you can use local search marketing to your benefit and get your business exposed to more people within your local area.

Google Local + has put local businesses right at the top of their page rank, meaning they see local maps marketing as the future of their online organic search marketing.  They have launched a new platform that displays, more like showcases these proverbial local marketing wizards right at the top of the page.  You will now see more local businesses displayed as well as more organic search results, since the new showcase is horizontal.

Local internet marketing- what’s new

Google CarouselReferred to as Google Carousel, this nifty brand new shiny gadget shows local businesses horizontally across the page in a slide show presentation format.  Now, when consumers use organic search terms, this carousel comes up, and when a GEO tag is added: like restaurants, Naples FL: the carousel shows ever time.  Eventually it will come up for all searches.

The internet in general has changed from what it was a few years ago.  For one, it’s no longer coming, it’s here now.  When it comes to local advertising, more than 70% of consumers that are looking for products and services in their community search online first and they never get to the second page.  If you are not in the top three sites of Google, you lose a chance at over 65% of those local searches.

On top of that, it seems every year Google reinvents itself as far as who they are, what they do and how they do it.  If you are not on top of things, you will be lost in how to proceed with local internet marketing and worse yet; your customers will never find your products and services to buy.

local internet marketingNever has there been a better time and opportunity for you to reach out to your target audience by locally optimizing your website for the local search.   It’s all about letting your community and prospects know that your company exists in your area and making it easier for them to buy your products and service. This is really great for new businesses and for local businesses that need a continued stream of new customers to grow and prosper with a very modest and affordable investment.  It’s time to get found and to dominate your local niche.

Local internet marketing- doing it yourself

Keep this in mind if you want to do this on your own.  To be effective with Google Places you first need to create a good impression for your prospects.  You need to have an ample amount of positive reviews, since most people have a natural tendency to go with a business with a fair number of positive reviews.  With enough social proof, this will boost your chances of success. You need to be optimized locally on your website, use local maps marketing strategies like: citations, coupons and category marketing , to mention a couple of the top strategies.

Before you begin local search marketing, it’s important to have a plan for how you wantMaps Analyzer to proceed. When you know what needs to be done beforehand, there will be less confusion and you’ll be able to take better action. Most of the time, lack of clarity is what makes it difficult for businesses to succeed.   There are several software programs available for free to help you analyze your local maps marketing.  Maps Analyzer is just one available.

The key to successful local search marketing is understanding who your competition is for your niche market.  You can’t measure what you don’t know and you sure can’t fix what you can’t measure.  Knowing how many reviews backlinks and citations your competition has tells you volumes about a successful marketing strategy for the short and long term.

Get your business on the top of Google with local internet marketing.

Maximizing Local SEO With Reputation Marketing

Image for Local SEOLocal SEO for local businesses

Local SEO is a specific type of online marketing that increases traffic and visibility for local businesses interested in ranking for geographically-related keywords. Whether you call it local SEO, local marketing, local maps marketing or Google Places, its’ all about local businesses and the keywords they want to rank for.

When it comes to Local SEO reputation marketing is right on target.

Anyone looking for a local business wants to see a customer review, what another customer experienced when they used that business for whatever services they offered.  Truth is, they actually want to see at least 6 reviews in total.

When it comes to your reputation, here is how consumers measure reviews.Local SEO reviews

 Local SEO and the types of reputations a company can have:

  1. No reputation
  2. Bad reputation
  3. Good reputation
  4. 5 star reputation

Reputations come in four different types ranging from none to the best.  The closer you get to the best reputation, the more your phone will ring, plain and simple.

Local SEO and a strategy for Reputation Marketing

Local SEO reputation strategy

There is a big difference between reputation marketing and reputation management.   Reputation marketing is forward thinking and visionary, casting a compelling view of what you want your local SEO and online presence to actually be.  Management is passive and looks for defensive ways to respond to a situation.  Reputation marketing is the best way to get your customers to like you, call you and to buy from you. Reputation Report

First things first.  From the report we generate for you showing the status of your reputation, we will develop a blueprint that will get you to the top of Google Places so you can dominate your niches.

We will develop a compImage for Reputation Marekting Reportrehensive strategy so that Google will find you everywhere online.  That will ensure your customers will find you everywhere on Google…and that will drive traffic to your website and traffic is what everyone online wants.

When it comes to Local SEO and generating traffic, leads and sales for your local business, we will show you how to develop a comprehensive online presence connecting the following strategies:

  • Local maps marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Website marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Google +
  • Video marketing
  • Content publishing

Call us today 630-417-7213 to learn how to maximize your local SEO and market that reputation to prospective customers looking to either buy from you or your competitors.














Local Internet Marketing Naples FL Is Driven By Google + And Your Social Media Footprint

Local internet marketing Naples and Google +

Image for Local Internet Marketing NaplesLocal internet marketing Naples is driven by your social media footprint.  Google sees Google + as their answer to the social media giant: Facebook.  If you are a local business or internet company looking to build a strong online presence, Google + is a MUST HAVE.  Read to the end to learn why Google + will become the predominant social media site to get you found everywhere online.

By now, everyone knows about the Google merger of these two platforms: Google + and Google Places.  Connecting Google + and Google Places together provides you a unique way to get found all over the web.  Using the Google + social media platform alone or in combination with Google Places will literally get you and your business found everywhere online.

Local internet marketing naples defines social footprint

Image For Social Footprint Drives Local Internet MarketingSocial media is buzzing all around us.  Because of that, we need to understand the phrase social media footprint to understand what we mean when we say get found everyone you exist online.  Right now, there are over 640 social media sites.  Depending on how many you use, you create your own personal digital or social footprint!

Before we go too far down the digital path with our social footprint, let’s learn exactly how Wikepedia has defined the term social footprint.  They say, “a digital footprint is the data trail left by the interactions in a digital environment including the use of TV, mobile phone, the World Wide Web, the internet and other connected devices and sensors.

Digital Footprints provide data on what has been performed in the digital environment (e.g. what you clicked on, searched for, Liked, where you went, your location, your IP address, what you said, what was said about you.  In our case a digital footprint refers to the size of a person’s “online presence” measured by the ease of Google being able to find you everywhere and where a number of individuals with whom they interact together with you.

There’s a strong sense that businesses of every size and kind should harness social media, yet there’s no agreed approach on how it should be measured. To some extent this is because social media is still a novelty for many companies. Yet every business leader needs to justify how time and resources are spent.

It’s using Facebook or Twitter or commenting on blogs as just a couple out of over 600 social media sites available.  In every case, you are leaving a trail wherever you go on social media. Now, your social media footprint just isn’t the mark you make on the Internet. It’s actually a powerful way for you to develop your image and market your skills to employers or prospective customers.

From the very moment you signed up for Facebook or Google +, you created your social media footprint. Everything you shared with your network was just the beginning of expanding this footprint. The more accounts you open and as you increase your activity, the more your footprint expands.  You go from Facebook to Pinterest, to Youtube to Delicious.  And every step you take you leave an imprint on the web.  That is why it’s important for everyone to be aware of their social media footprint and how they can maximize its potential.

Local internet marketing Naples– the best approach

When it comes to local internet marketing Naples or any city, first, choose the best platforms for you.  When building your social media footprint, you want to make sure you are using the best platforms for you. Choose social media networks you feel comfortable using and eventually mastering. You want to choose the best social media platforms for your digital footprint so you can easily maintain them and utilize them to their best potential. This way, you will be able to consistently update these platforms and keep your networks current on your activities. These platforms will also help you expand your footprint because you will be maintaining your presence across a variety of networks.

Out of those selected platforms, choose your signature platform.  The one key platform, you go too as your social media mantra to measure what matters.  Mine is blogging.  What seems to matter on Facebook for example is the number of likes you have.  That tells you how many people have clicked the like button on one site, on one page, and nothing else. Superficial numbers provide a superficial understanding. While having more Facebook likes than your competitor may be indicative of popularity, it isn’t a direct measure of it. The danger of measuring something simply because it’s easy to measure is that you mistake the answer you get for the answer to a different question.

Context is still the key to success and what matters.  That is why I always refer back to blogging.  Having a page indexed from my blog on Google helps my customers learn about relevant content and at the same time, gets me get found for online, and that is what matters to me.  All conversations on social media take place in a specific context.  Any analysis you do and any findings you subsequently draw must be interpreted and understood in that context.

Local internet marketing Naples- wrapping up Google +

Image for Google +Now that you know what a social media footprint is and how important it can be to your online presence, let’s go back to Google + and why it will prevail as the dominant social media platform.  First, it’s not just another important social media site.  I predict it will be way more important than any other and it very well could end up as the most important platform long term.  Why you ask?  It’s Google’s social platform and they recognize their platforms with deliberateness.  Second, it provides you a great opportunity to connect all your social media sites through this location.  That shows Google just how social you really are and where else online you exist?

Incorporating local internet marketing Naples or any other city also allows you to tie your website through this platform as well.  All of a sudden, in Google’s eyes you are the authority for this site and this niche.  And, more important than anything else, that is exactly what you want Google to know.  Finally, have your Google + linked and toed together with all your social media sites and website puts you in the right position for their other platform that is becoming important;  Authorship.  More about this at a later time but in essence here is what this is about.   You can link content you publish on a specific domain (such as www.localmapsmarketing.org) to your Google+ profile.  This makes your content feel personal, look personal and gives you a little more recognition than your competitors.