What follows is a short summary and description of my education and business experience.

Owner Local Maps MarketingI am a classic entrepreneur and have been so my entire career.  I believe in a lifetime of learning and growing professionally and have lived by that rule.  I feel privileged to have owned and managed several successful businesses over the last 35 years.  I sold my most recent business with over 450 employees 5 years ago.

In the last three years of the buy out, I was very fortunate to have gone back to school and completely retooled and retrained my skill sets.  During that same time, as the company trainer, I coached and mentored hundreds of employees, managers and small businesses in the areas of new business development, leadership, project management and Six Sigma.

certificates-leadership-jpeg-Image-1024x791There were several highlights and major accomplishments in executing my retooling and advanced education.   The first was receiving a Masters Certificate in Strategic Organizational Leadership from Villanova University.  This skill set and body of knowledge is all about casting a compelling vision and strategic organizational effectiveness.

villa-six-sigmaThe second highlight was completing the Masters Program at Villanova as a Black Belt In Six Sigma.  This skill set is all about improvements, especially in today’s competitive environment.  The body of knowledge is all about improving your projects, systems and processes.  That’s what keeps you competitive and what drives extra profits to your bottom line.

New Business DevelopmentPrevious to this training, I attended The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania where I attended a Certificate Program in New Business Development.  This program provided the skills, tools and knowledge needed to establish realistic, effective growth strategies and initiatives for growth oriented companies.

Smart entrepreneurs know and understand that certain items common to all small businesses and industries which drive up value, are called “Value Drivers.”  This is the main reason a buyer is willing to pay a premium price for company when it is finally ready to sell their business.

ceocertificateCaptureFinally and most important to local maps marketing, I received a Professional Internet Marketing Certification from E-Marketing University two years ago after completing their training program: Certificate ID: 47010756 issued 2/23/2013.

This education and skill set development combined with my internet training and internet marketing experience makes me a good candidate to help you grow your local business or online company to new levels.

Together, we can cast a compelling future for your online model and through effective local internet marketing and realistic growth initiatives, we can begin to dominate your niche markets.  And that, my friends, is what everyone local business and online company aspires to.

These days I spend my winters in Naples and my summers in Chicago.  For the most part, I really seemed to fail at early retirement.   Because of that, I have learned that it’s important to balance leisure and fun time with having a purpose in life.  Now, I have a pretty active and healthy passion for keeping engaged in the opportunities that exist on the internet and in doing internet marketing, as well as having a strong desire to coach local businesses in the area of local maps marketing.

The reason I shared my advanced education, retooling experiences and vast business experiences, is that I think it enriches my ability to coach local businesses and online companies and to induce you to choose me as your coach, mentor and internet marketer.

Hopefully, with the information I provided here, you will see the wisdom of giving me a try.  My prices are very affordable and I assure you, it’s not always about the money as you will quickly learn if we decide to work together.

“I love a challenge, I love to watch things grow and develop and when it comes to your business and marketing online companies and local businesses…I GET IT!