Maximizing Local SEO With Reputation Marketing

Image for Local SEOLocal SEO for local businesses

Local SEO is a specific type of online marketing that increases traffic and visibility for local businesses interested in ranking for geographically-related keywords. Whether you call it local SEO, local marketing, local maps marketing or Google Places, its’ all about local businesses and the keywords they want to rank for.

When it comes to Local SEO reputation marketing is right on target.

Anyone looking for a local business wants to see a customer review, what another customer experienced when they used that business for whatever services they offered.  Truth is, they actually want to see at least 6 reviews in total.

When it comes to your reputation, here is how consumers measure reviews.Local SEO reviews

 Local SEO and the types of reputations a company can have:

  1. No reputation
  2. Bad reputation
  3. Good reputation
  4. 5 star reputation

Reputations come in four different types ranging from none to the best.  The closer you get to the best reputation, the more your phone will ring, plain and simple.

Local SEO and a strategy for Reputation Marketing

Local SEO reputation strategy

There is a big difference between reputation marketing and reputation management.   Reputation marketing is forward thinking and visionary, casting a compelling view of what you want your local SEO and online presence to actually be.  Management is passive and looks for defensive ways to respond to a situation.  Reputation marketing is the best way to get your customers to like you, call you and to buy from you. Reputation Report

First things first.  From the report we generate for you showing the status of your reputation, we will develop a blueprint that will get you to the top of Google Places so you can dominate your niches.

We will develop a compImage for Reputation Marekting Reportrehensive strategy so that Google will find you everywhere online.  That will ensure your customers will find you everywhere on Google…and that will drive traffic to your website and traffic is what everyone online wants.

When it comes to Local SEO and generating traffic, leads and sales for your local business, we will show you how to develop a comprehensive online presence connecting the following strategies:

  • Local maps marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Website marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Google +
  • Video marketing
  • Content publishing

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Local Internet Marketing Naples FL Is Driven By Google + And Your Social Media Footprint

Local internet marketing Naples and Google +

Image for Local Internet Marketing NaplesLocal internet marketing Naples is driven by your social media footprint.  Google sees Google + as their answer to the social media giant: Facebook.  If you are a local business or internet company looking to build a strong online presence, Google + is a MUST HAVE.  Read to the end to learn why Google + will become the predominant social media site to get you found everywhere online.

By now, everyone knows about the Google merger of these two platforms: Google + and Google Places.  Connecting Google + and Google Places together provides you a unique way to get found all over the web.  Using the Google + social media platform alone or in combination with Google Places will literally get you and your business found everywhere online.

Local internet marketing naples defines social footprint

Image For Social Footprint Drives Local Internet MarketingSocial media is buzzing all around us.  Because of that, we need to understand the phrase social media footprint to understand what we mean when we say get found everyone you exist online.  Right now, there are over 640 social media sites.  Depending on how many you use, you create your own personal digital or social footprint!

Before we go too far down the digital path with our social footprint, let’s learn exactly how Wikepedia has defined the term social footprint.  They say, “a digital footprint is the data trail left by the interactions in a digital environment including the use of TV, mobile phone, the World Wide Web, the internet and other connected devices and sensors.

Digital Footprints provide data on what has been performed in the digital environment (e.g. what you clicked on, searched for, Liked, where you went, your location, your IP address, what you said, what was said about you.  In our case a digital footprint refers to the size of a person’s “online presence” measured by the ease of Google being able to find you everywhere and where a number of individuals with whom they interact together with you.

There’s a strong sense that businesses of every size and kind should harness social media, yet there’s no agreed approach on how it should be measured. To some extent this is because social media is still a novelty for many companies. Yet every business leader needs to justify how time and resources are spent.

It’s using Facebook or Twitter or commenting on blogs as just a couple out of over 600 social media sites available.  In every case, you are leaving a trail wherever you go on social media. Now, your social media footprint just isn’t the mark you make on the Internet. It’s actually a powerful way for you to develop your image and market your skills to employers or prospective customers.

From the very moment you signed up for Facebook or Google +, you created your social media footprint. Everything you shared with your network was just the beginning of expanding this footprint. The more accounts you open and as you increase your activity, the more your footprint expands.  You go from Facebook to Pinterest, to Youtube to Delicious.  And every step you take you leave an imprint on the web.  That is why it’s important for everyone to be aware of their social media footprint and how they can maximize its potential.

Local internet marketing Naples– the best approach

When it comes to local internet marketing Naples or any city, first, choose the best platforms for you.  When building your social media footprint, you want to make sure you are using the best platforms for you. Choose social media networks you feel comfortable using and eventually mastering. You want to choose the best social media platforms for your digital footprint so you can easily maintain them and utilize them to their best potential. This way, you will be able to consistently update these platforms and keep your networks current on your activities. These platforms will also help you expand your footprint because you will be maintaining your presence across a variety of networks.

Out of those selected platforms, choose your signature platform.  The one key platform, you go too as your social media mantra to measure what matters.  Mine is blogging.  What seems to matter on Facebook for example is the number of likes you have.  That tells you how many people have clicked the like button on one site, on one page, and nothing else. Superficial numbers provide a superficial understanding. While having more Facebook likes than your competitor may be indicative of popularity, it isn’t a direct measure of it. The danger of measuring something simply because it’s easy to measure is that you mistake the answer you get for the answer to a different question.

Context is still the key to success and what matters.  That is why I always refer back to blogging.  Having a page indexed from my blog on Google helps my customers learn about relevant content and at the same time, gets me get found for online, and that is what matters to me.  All conversations on social media take place in a specific context.  Any analysis you do and any findings you subsequently draw must be interpreted and understood in that context.

Local internet marketing Naples- wrapping up Google +

Image for Google +Now that you know what a social media footprint is and how important it can be to your online presence, let’s go back to Google + and why it will prevail as the dominant social media platform.  First, it’s not just another important social media site.  I predict it will be way more important than any other and it very well could end up as the most important platform long term.  Why you ask?  It’s Google’s social platform and they recognize their platforms with deliberateness.  Second, it provides you a great opportunity to connect all your social media sites through this location.  That shows Google just how social you really are and where else online you exist?

Incorporating local internet marketing Naples or any other city also allows you to tie your website through this platform as well.  All of a sudden, in Google’s eyes you are the authority for this site and this niche.  And, more important than anything else, that is exactly what you want Google to know.  Finally, have your Google + linked and toed together with all your social media sites and website puts you in the right position for their other platform that is becoming important;  Authorship.  More about this at a later time but in essence here is what this is about.   You can link content you publish on a specific domain (such as to your Google+ profile.  This makes your content feel personal, look personal and gives you a little more recognition than your competitors.