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First page in local maps marketingLocal Maps Marketing knows no boundaries.  We can help you develop your new business or grow an existing one.  We can impact your business if you are local handyman or if you’re an established local business like a cosmetic surgery clinic competing in downtown Manhattan.  We can help you get found on Google and if you want, we can even get you ranked right on the first page of Google.

If you’re a business that has products that you are looking to sell Amazon Logoonline, then the Amazon store is for you.  With over 244,000,000 million customers, Amazon is a must platform for successful entrepreneurs.  Go to our Amazon navigation button now to learn more about this great opportunity.  Or click this link now Vendor Vantage.

It really doesn’t matter if you are located in Naples Florida, Chicago the East Coast or somewhere in between.  “All we need is an internet connection, e-mail service and a cell phone to work effectively together…and when you couple these basic tools   with my internet marketing skills and experience, including my high level software, it won’t take long for Google and your customers to find you!!!.”

Here are a couple of interesting facts.  First, did you know that 71% of all customers looking for a local business shop online first to see who they should call, before ever buying from a local business!   Second, if you market products and not services, here is an interesting stat: 244,000,000 millions shoppers buy on Amazon alone.

Image for radar for local maps marketingIf you sell and market physical products, we’ve had our radar on the Amazon platform for some time now.  We know internet marketing and we know Amazon. We can help you develop Amazon business as well.

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When I need help doing internet marketing like search engine optimization (SEO) on my website, I turned to Local Maps Marketing.  They helped get me more local exposure for my website using strategies that were remarkably effective.  They were always pleasant and responsive to my inquiries, and kept me up to date on what they were doing.  In short, working with them was a great experience.  I highly recommend them to anyone in need of website marketing.

— Dr. Eda Ellis, DDS, Central Park Dental Spa

Organic searching online and Google Local combine to make up the premier internet marketing channels for local businesses.  If you are a local business, your customers are looking for you.  If they can’t find you, they will find your competitors.

In a recent survey of 4,000 small to medium size businesses, research found that 90% said that SEO (search engine optimization) was in their top three strategies for growth and new business development.  They believe the internet was the right place for businesses to sell their products and services.

Are you positioning yourself as a market leader in your highly competitive niche?

Whether you are a high valued niche or small local business, we can help you get found everywhere on Google and that is how you begin to dominate your niche market.

We help a variety of different  businesses:

1. New business start ups like the local remodeler or landscape contractor

2.  Small companies that want to leverage the internet to not only sell more products nationally, but also to help position them as first class suppliers of high quality products that retailers would be interested in promoting

3. Professionals like; accountants, lawyers, dentists, doctors and cosmetic surgical centers, yes, even PGA Pro’s and Professional Fishing Charters

4. Contractor Services like plumbers, carpenters, landscapers and electricians, to mention just a few

5. Corporate accounts including marketing companies, wholesales, builders and high end kitchen and bath remodelers including a variety of other service providers

diverse groups“If you are a local business looking to get to the top of Google’s page ranking, we can help.” If you compete in a high valued niche like cosmetic surgery, building custom homes or a professional agency like personal injury attorney, check out our button at the top explaining my specialized skills to help you market your local business. 

Getting found online by Google is all about effective local market analysis and market research, as well as local SEO and local internet marketing.  That’s where our skills, insight and software sets us apart.

Local Maps Analyzer For Maps Marketing

Our skills are focused on local internet marketing for Google Places, now known as Google Local or Google Business Listings.  Our Local Maps Analyzer gives us the competitive edge so that your business will skyrocket to the top of Google.  Learn more about this service by clicking on local maps analyzer in the navigation window at top of screen, or by clicking here.

Here are the online categories we specialize in when it comes to Google Business Listings:

  1. Local Maps Marketing
  2. Local SEO
  3. Local Internet Marketing
  4. Google+
  5. Google Places (now called Google Local)

No matter what type of business you have, all of our customers want these three things to happen.

What Local Maps Marketing Customers Want


blog_download.445ab221da445825f0b44ce276df822c0d28a937If you are a small internet business marketing online, Google+  can help you get to the first page of your niche and we know everything about how to leverage Google+ and your website to get you on the first page of Google quickly!

Google Merges:  Google+ and Google Local Business is now ONE of Google’s flagship platforms!  This is fantastic news for all internet companies, but especially local maps marketing businesses.  The reason: our company is all about marketing on the MAP locally too!   And, Google Local + is still 100% Maps Marketing. 

Local Maps Marketing Search MapsRadiusNo matter what Google calls these two programs, when it comes to getting on the first page of Google, “local maps marketing” is just one MUST HAVE for businesses who target their local areas for their client base. And, by “Local” we mean either in the same city or town and usually within a 15  mile radius.  But, we don’t just stop there.

Local maps marketing- Google+ Social Footprint

First, you must know and understand that Google+ is even more important now.  It is a high performance internet tool for local  marketing businesses and Google’s answer to Facebook when it comes to social media.

In today’s competitive online environment, Google+ is really all about social media connections.  For both our global internet companies that have no local boundaries, as well as local businesses, Google+ is a must have high performance tool.   Manage this social platform properly and you are certain to get on the first page of Google.  After all, if what you want is traffic, then the first page is the best way we know to get traffic online.  Even more important and better then being on the first page of Google, is for your customers and Google to find you everywhere you exist online.

Either way, we have the knowledge and insight to leverage you business online and get your customers to find you before they find your competitors.

Local maps marketing — an integrative approach

The best strategy today is to leverage the strengths of Google+ Local to both get you found everywhere online as well as to bring a first page Google ranking to reality as fast as possible.  That’s what I do best.

Please take some time to review my website and blog (see buttons in navigation area) for more insight, trends and information about both our site and Google for businesses.  Or just click blog now.

Contact me today.  Give me 15 minutes of your time, tell me your story and I will give you a free report that tells you where you and your competition is on the map and what can be done to get you to the top of first page ranking in Google Local for your niche market.

Email me at– georgenapoli@gmail.com   Or call-630-417-7213.  I can even come out to your business, if you are located in Naples area or greater Chicago — the two markets where I live and do business.

“Affordable rates for small businesses competing online”

Search Results on GoogleLike it or not, the top 3 websites from a Google search produces 64% of the traffic.

So, just making it to the first page is no longer the end game.

Let me show you the way to the top of Google page rank.

 I can either do all the work for you, or I can provide the pick and shovels (in the form of a competitive strategy) and you provide the heavy lifting in he form of time, energy and labor. See my e-coaching approach for more details.  Best of all, we can work together using my local maps blueprint.  Together we can move your business to the top of Google.

Here are the 10 Pillars that support and drive the Local Maps Marketing Blueprint for Google Places, Google Maps and local internet marketing for 2013.

Blueprint for Local Maps Marketing Understand that each component is fundamental to you getting to the top of your niche when it comes to ranking.  Once you understand the pillar strategy for Google Places that makes up our comprehensive blueprint, you must then implement the individual strategies for each pillar to be effective.  (When we update our site and provide more information, we will turn each pillar into a link):

  1. Reviews | Reputation Marketing
  2. Coupon Promotions
  3. Google Citations
  4. Google +
  5. Onpage Optimization- SEO Panda and Penguin Proof Backlinking strategies
  6. Offpage Optimization-SEM
  7. Video Marketing & Promotions
  8. Picture/Image Marketing
  9. Authorship
  10. Social Media Marketing

Working together, these components ensure your first page results.

 If you are an internet company marketing globally we would love to talk with you also.

We have been very successful at first page rankings for some of the most competitive niches like jewelry and internet marketing to mention just two.  Email me today at  georgenapoli@gmail.com

Or call-630-417-7213.

I can even come out to your business, if you are located in Naples area or greater Chicago: the two markets I compete in.